Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time in various classrooms. I love to tell people about all the amazing things there are to know about quilts, quilt history, things related to quilt history….well, you get the idea. So a few years back, I started lecturing. I am now a popular speaker at venues statewide and would be delighted to come and talk to your guild. At present, I have 7 presentations up and ready to go:

Civil War Quilts and Wisconsin Women

After the War: Quilting from 1867 to World War I

Quilts and the Temperance Movement

Batting: The Hidden Layer

Choosing Quilting Designs

Becoming a Judge

Quilt Documentation: Saving the Stories

Another popular option is a bed turning or bed peel. Your group provides the quilts, stacked. I go through the stack and tell you everything I can about each piece, based on the fabric, design, quilting and any other visible factors. It’s quilt history of your own quilts! I never know what might show up on the table, so it’s fun and exciting for all concerned.

My fees are negotiable and depend in part on the size of your group and your location.  I do use PowerPoint but bring my own equipment, and I always bring along a lot of quilts!