Quilt of the Month

It’s been a long time since I posted a new quilt of the month. But I have a real treasure to share, with quite a backstory. One of my customers is friends with a woman who grew up in Independence, MO. Back in the early 1940s, her mother and aunt made her a quilt top. It features an unusual and complex block, one I had to look diligently for in Brackman, and a wide array of period dress prints in cottons. The sashing and alternate block are that wonderful 1930s pink. And to top it off, all the blocks were signed by friends and family, and all but one of them embroidered their own names. Then for some reason, the top was stored away and forgotten until just a few months ago when it was found while sorting items as the owner was moving to assisted living. I was given the opportunity to finish it. I am thrilled with the end product, and she was so excited to see it done and said,”it’s even more beautiful than I remembered.” I am really pleased that she will get to enjoy it during the time she has left.DSCN1578